Monday, December 3, 2007

Life in the Valley of the Dead

As many of you are, I'm sure, aware I have an intense and irrational anxiety associated with the site of dead animals if there is any flesh to be found. It's not as strong for me as when I was a child, but it comes up. Roadkill isn't bad, and I've gotten pretty used to dissections. You may also know that I've got something of a fascination with bones, and find them apt decorative pieces, in the right setting.

So, it's been an interesting time here in the Valleys, where mummified seals and penguins are fairly commonplace. I've taken photos of all individuals I've found. They're all in various conditions, some just bones, some with skin, some with fur or feathers yet.

Mystery Revealed: Posted now on Flickr are ten my choosing. I didn't post the most disturbing of them (there's nothing quite as unsettling as an eyeball that hasn't rotten away in a skull without any skin), in part because it's a public forum, and in part because none of you were expecting it. All photos are of different individuals, not all individuals that I have found will be online. Finally, none of you asked why Mummy Pond was called Mummy Pond!!!! Come on! What a lead in! Oh well.

On a completely different note, bad weather has set in. We're still at Bonney for now.


Mom & Dad said...

So, therefore, Mummy Pond named for mummified animals.....sorry, guess I should have asked.

Dad wants to know how far inland you are, and if you are far inland, how did the dead seals get there?


Jon Warnock said...

well, the farthest inland that we've seen them is maybe twenty miles. They all just sort of move in. I don't want to say walk, because they're seals.... No one really knows why they move so far away from water, but there are bunches and bunches of them, and some make it quiet high up.

Matt Warnock said...

I just figured it was called mummy pond because that's where the aliens burried their mummies after they built the's true...MUMMY ALIENS!!!