Saturday, December 8, 2007

Scott Base

Our cross-valley flight was pretty awesome Saturday. We were probably in the air for a couple of hours after all was said and done, and we got some pretty good views. It was a bit nerve wracking coming over some of the cliffs, when all of a sudden the ground is a good 2000 feet farther down than it used to be, but it was still fun.

Today we headed over to take a look at Scott base, the kiwi installation just around the island. It's much smaller, and cleaner looking. All of the buildings are the same green color, and all connected by hanging hallways, so that you don't have to go outside to get from place to place. We were going to meet up with a guide that we had met at Bonney with the BBC guys, but he was out doing some training. It's a bit odd, as he told us he would be in.

For those who wonder, we are scheduled to leave McMurdo on 12/11. We will leave New Zealand on 12/13. I won't know until 12/11, fairly late at night, when I get to Chicago, local time. Since we're leaving on 12/13, and we make up 17 hours coming back, I may well get home on 12/13. I will try to let people know, probably via txt. Some of you may have to make phone calls for me.


Tori said...

Safe travels, my friend. I can't wait to see you...and your 1k photos!

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